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About Simplibuy

Do you own or run an independent healthcare facility?
Does your clinic need to buy medical equipment, accessories and supplies every month?
Do you feel too many productive hours are spent making purchases and dealing with multiple vendors?
Would you rather spend that time on billable hours looking after your patients?

At Simplibuy we know how busy you are.
You have a busy facility to run.
You have to watch your bottom line.
You need to shop around to get the best price.
You juggle several vendors to get the best deals.
Sometimes you buy a cheaper product but pay the price for inferior quality or poor customer service.

We know you would rather spend time doing what you’re specialized in - providing a quality healthcare service to your patients.

At Simplibuy we specialize in servicing independent healthcare facilities.
We like to understand your needs so we can be proactive for you.
We have struck deals with multiple vendors so we can offer you great prices.
We continually expand our product range so you could buy almost everything you need from us.
We offer you great value at competitive prices and never shortchange you on great service!

Browse our web catalogue and see the range of products you could buy from us. You will find you can buy almost everything from one source. If there is something you cannot find, let us know and we will find it for you, or get you the information you need.

We would like you to take care of your patients while we take the worry out of your medical purchasing. Switch to buying from Simplibuy.
With a single call, a single fax, a single email, or a few clicks of the mouse you can simply buy everything you need for your clinic from us.

To make online purchases, please register with us as a customer at
To make offline purchases, please call, fax or email us at:

Call 844 849 4289 or 844 849 I-BUY
Fax 844-839-6190