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Tampa Catheter 61-2005RO

Tampa Catheter 61-2005RO

FROM $435.00
 Cooper Surgical Inc 111056
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Revised  14 Sep 2023

The simple, cost-effective choice for ultrasound examination of the uterus.

  • Unique introducer sheath facilitates insertion into cervical os with minimal trauma.
  • 7cm marker provides optimal placement of cather tip in uterus.
  • Balloonless configuration is ideal for post-menopausal patients with stenotic cervical canals, as well as for many nulliparous patients.
  • Small catheter size allows easy placement next to ultrasound probe.
  • 5 Fr, clear, flexible catheter with introducer sheath, 33cm long

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MDS-61-2005-R0 33cm long; 7cm marker $435.00 BOX/20
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