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Phantom Body Composition CIRS 068604

Phantom Body Composition CIRS 068604

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Revised  28 Sep 2022

***Phantom instruments are NOT intended to be used prior or during every use to ensure proper functioning of the diagnostic system and therefore they are not considered a medical device ***

  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) instruments are the ideal solution for body composition measurements because they are affordable, accurate, and administer a low dose of radiation to patients. When utilizing DXA devices, phantoms are required to monitor longitudinal variation. With the Body Composition Phantom, clinicians can monitor machine drift and body composition using all major DXA instruments.
  • The phantom is constructed from a high-density polyethylene and polyvinyl choloride for their imaging characteristics and durability. Aluminum plates are used to simulate bone. The phantom shows high precision for lean, fat and bone mineral densities. The Body Composition Phantom comes in two sections (top and bottom) for easy handling

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