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Doppler Vascular Elite100 with 5MHz Vascular Probe

Doppler Vascular Elite100 with 5MHz Vascular Probe

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Revised  24 Sep 2021

  • Pre-angled crystals, broad beam technology and large probe face provide a unique method of quickly locating vascular signals - no need to angle the probe! Faster and easier signal acquisition than standard pencil probes.
  • The probes also incorporate Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology for a clear, static-free signal and the best possible diagnostic information.
  • Vascular applications include helping to detect arterial and venous disease, assessing blood pressures, checking for impotence, locating vessels for IVs and any other application where detection and monitoring of blood flow is important.
  • The 5 MHz vascular probe has a deeper penetration than the 8 MHz. It is most commonly used for post-surgical patients to help reveal deep vein thrombosis, to locate and monitor deep veins and arteries in legs and for ABI studies in larger patients.

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