Tube Endotracheal Magill Uncuffed

Tube Endotracheal Magill Uncuffed

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  • High volume, low-pressure uncuffed ET tubes can be used during pediatric surgical procedures and intensive care.
  • Features include bull-nose tips, split-resistant radiopaque lines, smooth Murphy eyes and kink-resistant thermosensitive tubes
  • Box of 10 

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Item # Size/Option UOM Price
AWM-DYND48030 3.0mm BOX/10 $23.99
AWM-DYND48035 3.5mm BOX/10 $23.99
AWM-DYND48040 4.0mm BOX/10 $23.99
AWM-DYND48045 4.5mm BOX/10 $23.99
AWM-DYND48050 5.0mm BOX/10 $24.99
AWM-DYND48055 5.5mm BOX/10 $23.99
AWM-DYND48060 6.0mm BOX/10 $23.99

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