System Venti-Scan™ IV Radioaerosol Administration

System Venti-Scan™ IV Radioaerosol Administration

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The Venti-Scan™ IV Radioaerosol Delivery System features a small baffle within the nebulizer to produce an optimal particle size, resulting in a sharp image, quickly. In addition, the kit includes a pleated hydrophilic HEPA filter which traps moisture. This makes it ideal for radioaerosol studies by impeding humidified radiation from passing through. Tried and tested, the pleated contour increases surface area to decrease breathing resistance, making it virtually resistance-free with exceptional trapping efficiency.

System design reduces setup time:

- kit automatically locks into position
- one step oxygen connection to dedicated external port
- precise injection port alignment
- push button disposal of used kit


Order Information

Item # Size/Option UOM Price
NUC-177-075 Adapter kit for ventilator assisted patients EACH $18.00
NUC-177-090 Venti-Scan™ IV w/Shielded Canister, pole mount EACH $866.70
NUC-177-091 Convenience Kit, Radioaerosol, 12" Tubing EACH $50.00
NUC-177-092 Convenience Kit, Radioaerosol, 24" Tubing EACH $50.00

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