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Device Positioning Digital 2-Step for DR

Device Positioning Digital 2-Step for DR

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 FLM-24302 Series
Revised  01 Jan 2019
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The unique design of the 2-Step Platform permits efficient and accurate x-rays of knee, feet, ankles, and the lower leg. The platform places the patient in the optimal position for easy capture of the highest quality weight-bearing x-ray images. This positioning platform is also designed with safety grab bars to provide stability for patients both young and old.

Designed for patients weighing up to 450 pounds

  • Keeps patient as close to the image plate as possible to ensure high quality images
  • Provides safe and easy positioning for weight-bearing poses
  • Designed for use with bucky or fixed cassette
  • Easily portable with built-in rollers and grab bars
  • Easy to keep clean, the platform is made from germ-resistant, nonporous polyethylene
  • The 3rd Step Option raises the platform height to 24 inches
  • DR systems supported include units by Canon, GE, Siemens, and Toshiba

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
FLM-24302C50 2-Step for Canon DR CXDI-50G, and CXDI-60G $0.00 EACH
FLM-24306C50 3-Step for Canon DR CXDI-50G and CXDI-60G $0.00 EACH
FLM-24404C50 2-Wide Step for Canon DR CXDI-50G and CXDI-60G $0.00 EACH

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