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Doppler Vascular LifeDop 150 with 8 MHz Probe

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Revised  24 Sep 2021

Compact, handheld non-display Doppler

Handheld, non-display Dopplers for vascular assessment offer superior sound quality and function with the full line of non-directional LifeDop® probes. L150 has no digital display.

All LifeDop vascular probes have built-in electronics that provide excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and maximum durability. Choose the best probe for your application with the freedom to add more probes in the future, all on the same unit.

The SD8 is the best vascular probe for all-around use, It is non-directional with a narrow beam for optimum
sensitivity on superficial vessels. 


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ERE-L150-SD8 Without Digital Display $800.00 EACH

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