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Soaking Cup for Endocavity Transducers 610-584

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 Civco Medical Instruments Co 114178
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Revised  01 Jan 2019

This newly designed lightweight soaking cup provides a safe and efficient soaking system for transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound transducers. This product now offers a larger blue funnel for use with larger style endocavity transducers. The soaking cup kit includes a 12" x 5" high-density polyethylene cup, lid, mounting hardware and contoured funnels for smaller transducers with a width of 2.2cm (.88") and a new funnel for larger transducers with a width of 2.7cm (1.08").

The contoured funnel prevents transducers from hitting the bottom of the cup, saving costly damage to the lens of the transducer. . The cup is recommended for use with  cold chemical disinfecting/sterilizing solutions including, Cidex OPA and AHP-based disinfectants such as RESERT Revital-Ox and PREempt.

Replacement cups, lids and funnels are sold separately, USS-610-585. Cup holder cannot be purchased separately. USS-610-586 does not include a cup holder.

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
USS-610-584 Complete Set $210.00 EACH
USS-610-585 Replacement for cup, lid, funnels $120.00 SET
USS-610-586 Cup bracket, 5 rubber feet, assembly hardware $110.00 SET

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