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Needles Hypodermic Terumo

Needles Hypodermic Terumo

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 Terumo (Philippines) Corp 124536
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Revised  05 Dec 2022

Terumo Medical Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Hypodermic Syringes and Needles. Terumo's Hypodermic needles use a unique double bevel design and precision manufacturing to provide ultra sharp needles, which translate into greater comfort for the patient.

Terumo's Research & Development continues to investigate and develop new features that provide the patient with greater comfort, the clinician with safer and easier to use products, and the medical facility with efficacious and cost effective hypodermic products.

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
MDS-NN1825R 18G X 1" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN1838R 18G x 1.5" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2025R 20G X 1" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2038R 20G x 1.5" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2138R 21G x 1.5" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2338R 23G x 1.5" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2516R 25G X 5/8" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2525R 25G X 1" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2538R 25G X 1.5" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2613R 26G X 0.5" $9.38 BOX/100
MDS-NN2713R 27G X 0.5" $25.68 BOX/100
MDS-NN3013R 30G X 0.5" $25.68 BOX/100

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