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Needle BD Spinal Quincke

Needle BD Spinal Quincke

FROM $101.25
 Becton Dickinson & Co 101288
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Revised  07 Feb 2023

  • Key/Slot arrangement of stylet and cannula hubs facilitates proper needle bevel orientation
  • Translucent window hub features contact clarity that helps allow visualization of CSF
  • Fitted stylet reduces tissue coring
  • Needle gauges 18 to 27 G.
  • Needle lengths 1 in. to 7 in.
  • Also sold in single, sterile package
  • Best prices available when ordering 7 or more boxes at a time

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
MDS-405074 22G x 2.5" Black $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405148 22G x 5" Black $101.25 BOX/10
MDS-405161 22G X 1.5" Black $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405171 22G X 3" Black $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405174 18G X 3" Pink $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405180 25G X 3.5 Blue $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405181 22G x 3.5" Black $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405182 20G x 3.5 Yellow $101.25 BOX/25
MDS-405184 18G x 3.5 Pink $101.25 BOX/25

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