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Prefilled Saline Syringe PosiFlush™

Prefilled Saline Syringe PosiFlush™

FROM $18.50
 Becton Dickinson & Co 101288
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Revised  25 May 2023

BD PosiFlush™ Prefilled Saline Syringe  improves clinician efficiency and workflow by eliminating the steps and time involved in the manual preparation of saline syringes.

  • Designed to prevent solution from entering a nonsterile area of the syringe, the product helps reduce the risk of solution contamination. The saline prefilled flush products feature a sterile fluid pathway.
  • The syringe supports efforts to reduce the risk of medication errors
  • The syringe is conveniently available in 3-, 5- and 10-mL sizes. All of these sizes feature a consistent barrel diameter that may help lower the risk of catheter damage caused by injection pressure.



Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
MDS-306544 3ml/10ml SP $18.50 BOX/30
MDS-306545 5ml SP $18.50 BOX/50
MDS-306546 10ml SP $20.00 BOX/30
MDS-306553 10ml XS $42.00 BOX/30

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