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Neutralizer Glute-Out Quart

Neutralizer Glute-Out Quart

FROM $300.00
 Civco Medical Instruments Co 114178
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Revised  01 Jan 2019

***NG-QT REPLACED BY 610-1099***

Improper disinfectant disposal by pouring down a drain can cause high levels of exposure to the clinician and is considered illegal in many regions. Glute-Out Neutralizer offers a solution to dangerous disinfectant disposal problems. Glute-Out deactivates glutaraldehydes and OPA by using a glycine powder base that neutralizes solutions in just five minutes. 

  • 24 bottles/case
  • Each bottle neutralizes a quart of disinfectant

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
DIS-610-1099 Each bottle neutralizes a quart $300.00 BOX/24

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