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Test Strip Metritest Glutaraldehyde 1.8%

Test Strip Metritest Glutaraldehyde 1.8%

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 Metrex Research LLC 115228
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Revised  27 Jun 2022

How to Test MetriCide Solution

1. Remove one MetriTest Strip from container and replace cap immediately. (For MetriCide use MetriTest 1.5% test strips. For MetriCide 28 and MetriCide Plus 30 use MetriTest 1.8% test strips.)

2. Dip indicator end of the strip into the MetriCide solution being tested for a full 2 seconds and remove immediately.

3. Lean strip against bottle (indicator end down) and wait 60 seconds. Use a paper towel underneath to absorb excess reagent dye.

Read color change at 60 seconds after strip is removed from solution. Disregard the top 2mm of indicator pad, which will be yellow. Pad will be completely purple to indicate the concentration of glutaraldehyde is above its minimum effective concentration (MEC). If ANY yellow appears, apart from the top line, the solution is below MEC and should be discarded.

5. Log your results and discard indicator.

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