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Disinfectant Soaking Cidex OPA HLD

Disinfectant Soaking Cidex OPA HLD

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 Cilag GmbH Internation ASP 148735
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Revised  19 Mar 2020


CIDEX® OPA Solution is a convenient, ready-to-use, high-level disinfectant that provides a broad spectrum of kill.

It is trusted by hospitals all the world over for providing rapid, cost-effective high-level disinfection for a wide range of endoscopes and other healthcare instruments.

Glutaraldehyde-free (0.55% ortho-phthalaldehyde) high-level disinfecting solution. Rapid 5-minute soak time at 25°C in an automated endoscope reprocessor. Twelve-minute soak time 20°C for manual reprocessing.

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