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Adapter Alligator Clip NIK20

Adapter Alligator Clip NIK20

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Revised  01 Jan 2019

This is an excellent adapter clip because it can fit a wide variety of pin sizes, fitting up to a 4mm pin. Not only does this adapter clip fit many sized pins but it can also be used for both tab and snap electrodes. Having the ability to switch between different sized pins and electrode types is the easiest way to have a worry free experience. Another benefit of this adapter clip is the flat, wide-bodied design because it helps prevent twisting and offers the widest contact area for superior trace quality. The flat, wide-bodied design is complemented by the stable base which allows the highest percentage of first time recordings. If you are looking for an adapter clip that is easy to use and offers the best quality connection, then the NikoClip Universal Adapter Clip is highly recommended. Equal to Ambu 0334M.

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CAR-NIK20 Universal $67.50 PACK/10

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