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Kit Pro-Vent Arterial Blood Sampling

Kit Pro-Vent Arterial Blood Sampling

 Smiths Medical ASD, Inc 141765
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Revised  07 Jun 2023

Vent® Plus 3 mL 23G x 1" Arterial Blood Sampling syringes utilize lithium heparin with a concentration of 23.5 I.U. per mL. The specially formulated dry lithium heparin provides the necessary anticoagulation along with minimal interference for more accurate and consistent results. The syringes are available with a broad choice of product features.

Latex free.

Shelf life: 3 years

Product Features

  • Luer slip and luer lok syringe
  • Needles with different gauges and lengths
  • Needle safety devices (Point-Lok®)
  • Support kit (alcohol prep pad, gauze pad, patient label, biohazard labeled ice bag, adhesive bandage)
  • Iodophor prep pad

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