Needle BD Eclipse™ for Luer Lok Syringes

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Eclipse Safety Needle offers a single-handed, needle-based safety injection device. The BD PrecisionGlide™ Needle is bevel oriented to the safety cover to facilitate low-angle injections. Pivoting-shield needle with single finger stroke activation - no hard surface required.

Designed to protect healthcare workers from accidental needlestick injuries.

  • Safety cover is present between clinicianand needle
  • Audible click indicates safety activation
  • Needle remains locked inside activated cover
  • The BD Eclipse™ Family offers one safety technology for both your injection and blood collection needs


Order Information

Item # Size/Option UOM Price
MDS-305757 30G x 0.5" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305758 27G X 0.5" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305759 25G X 5/8" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305761 25G x 1" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305762 23G x 1" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305763 22G X 1.5" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305764 21G X 1" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305765 21G x 1.5" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305766 18G X 1.5" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305767 25G x 1.5" BOX/100 $24.33
MDS-305768 22G X 1" BOX/100 $24.33

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